Knights Walk

Cotton Gardens estate, Lambeth, London

Number of existing homes: 30

Number of proposed new homes: 80


ASH were approached by residents of Knights’ Walk, when they were informed that their homes were going to be demolished as part of Lambeth Council’s regeneration scheme, to demand that the council explore alternatives to demolition.


As part of the campaign, Kate Macintosh – whose husband George Finch was the architect of Knights’ Walk as part of Cotton Gardens Estate – gave a talk in one of the bungalow’s gardens as part of ASH devised Open Garden Estates (seen in the image opposite).


Current status: Partially saved

This proposal explored the possibility of a medium rise tower on the site of existing garages, a lower tower on Kennington Road and adding an additional one or two stories to the existing bungalows. Any existing green space that was built on was reprovided within the proposal.

The additions to the bungalows are designed such that there would be no issues with overlooking, or infringements to the rights to light of the existing residents, and all the flats are dual aspect.


The materials for the new extensions are proposed to be the brick and black timber of the existing homes, incorporating new outdoor storage and space for cycles and bins.