Architects for Social Housing (ASH) CIC was founded in March 2015 in order to respond architecturally to London’s housing ‘crisis’. We are a Community Interest Company that organises working collectives for individual projects. Our founding principle is that refurbishing London’s council housing estates, and where possible increasing their housing capacity through infill and roof extensions, is a more sustainable solution to the housing needs of Londoners than demolishing and redeveloping them as properties for capital investment.


Starting in 2015, ASH has produced design alternatives to demolition for seven London housing estates, including Knight’s Walk (2015), where we succeeded in stopping the demolition of half the homes; the West Kensington and Gibbs Green estates (2015-16), where our feasibility study, submitted as part of the residents’ Right to Transfer, helped save both estates from demolition; the Central Hill estate (2015-17), for which we produced a book-length case study; the Northwold estate (2017), where our designs helped saved the estate from demolition; and St. Raphael’s estate (2021) where, once again, our designs helped save the estate from demolition. Through our design, research and community work, ASH has helped stop the demolition of 2,165 council and housing association dwellings, in the process saving the homes of around 6,800 housing-estate residents.


In addition, over the past four years ASH has also explored the possibilities of co-operative housing development, producing design proposals for the Patmore co-operative estate (2017-19), with whom we worked to produce a design vision of its future; The Drive housing co-operative (2017-19); the Brixton Gardens housing co-operative (2018); and the Brixton Housing Co-operative (2019).


For three years between 2015-2017, ASH organised Open Gardens Estates, a London-wide annual event hosted by 17 estates threatened with demolition.


ASH has delivered more than 80 presentations to academic, art, design and architectural institutions, local councils and the Greater London Authority, as well as giving hundreds of talks and interviews to campaign groups, journalists and students. We have also held public meetings on subjects from the causes of the Grenfell Tower fire (July 2017) to changing policy on estate regeneration (June 2018). ASH has exhibited its work at the Peer Gallery (2015), the Cubitt Gallery (2016), the Institute of Contemporary Arts (2017) and the Serpentine Sackler Gallery (2019). In 2019 ASH had a month’s residency at the 221A gallery in Vancouver, where we delivered a series of four lectures subsequently collected in our book, For a Socialist Architecture: Under Capitalism.


ASH has published over 250 articles, reports, presentations and case studies on our research website, which over the past 7 years has been visited over 700,000 times by more than 400,000 people from around the world. These publications include the following book-length reports: West Kensington and Gibbs Green Estates: New Homes and Improvements without Demolition (2016); The Ethics of Estate Regeneration: ASH Response to the Royal Institute of British Architects (2016); Homes for Londoners: The Good Practice Guide to Resisting Estate Demolition (2017); The Truth about Grenfell Tower (2017); Mapping London’s Estate Regeneration Programme (2017); Central Hill: A Case Study in Estate Regeneration (2018); The Costs of Estate Regeneration (2018); Inequality Capital: A Power Walk by Architects for Social Housing (2019); and Saving St. Raphael’s Estate: The Alternative to Demolition (2022).


ASH’s work is the subject of a feature-length film, Concrete Soldiers (2018), and we appeared in the documentary Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle (2017), as well as in the Channel 5 documentary What Went Wrong: Countdown to Disaster. 1. Grenfell Tower Fire (February 2022). We have also appeared numerous times as expert commentators on various news outlets, including RT UK News, Channel 4 News, Channel 5, ABC News and LBC Radio.


Architects for Social Housing CIC was founded by Geraldine Dening and Dr. Simon Elmer, its executive Directors.


Geraldine Dening received her BA, MA Hons (Architecture Part 1) from the University of Cambridge in 1997. She went on to complete a Graduate Diploma in Architecture (Part 2) at University College London in 2001, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Practice in Architecture (Part 3) (Distinction) at Westminster University in 2009. She registered with the Architects Registration Board in 2009. Since 2009, she taught at the School of Architecture at De Montfort University in Leicester, running a design studio at BA and MArch. In 2010 she was appointed Senior Lecturer; in 2010-12 she ran the MA in Architectural Design; in 2017 she was made Module Leader in Professional Practice and Ethics; and in 2018 she was the Joint Head of 3rd Year. In 2022 Dening was apointed Design Fellow at the University of Cambridge, and ran a design studio for MArch.


In 2023 Dening was appointed Assistant Professor in Architecture at the University of Hong Kong.


Since 2005 she has been a visiting critic for the Bartlett School of Architecture, the Architectural Association, University College London, the University of East London, London Metropolitan University, Kingston University, the University of Nottingham, the University of Cambridge and the University of Sheffield. From 2005-2007, she ran a design studio at London Metropolitan University.



In 2006, she founded Geraldine Dening Architect, her professional practice, which focuses on refurbishing and improving existing housing. Notable projects include a collaboration with Goshka Macuga to design a pavilion for the Sao Paolo Biennale in Brazil (2006); and a collaboration with Sam Causer Architect on the Peabody Housing Small Projects competition, which was shortlisted (2014). From 2014-2018, she was on the board of directors for SPID Theatre. In 2015, she co-founded Architects for Social Housing, for which she is Lead Architect. In 2018, as part of the Progress 1000 awards, she was named one of London’s 30 most influential architects by the by the Evening Standard. In 2019, she was included in Who’s Who.


Simon Elmer received his MA (Distinction) in the History and Theory of Art and Architecture from University College London in 1994, and was awarded his PhD in the History and Theory of Art in 2001. He has taught at the universities of London (1995-1999), Manchester (1999-2000) and Reading (2001-2003); and from 2003-2005 was a Visiting Professor at the University of Michigan, USA. In 2015, he co-founded Architects for Social Housing, for which he is Head of Research.


ASH also has two non-executive Directors: Sam Causer MA (Cantab), Dip Arch, RIBA CA; and Leonie Weber, Architect.


Architects and Architectural Assistants who have worked with ASH on our projects include: Tom Brownill, Matthew Stewart, Hikaru Kitai, Deb Parker, Kate Macintosh, Fran Cancino, Rob Wills, Ben Corbett, Maja Klich, Jake Maclean, Olande Onitiju, Jack Sweet, Andrea Vasilcin, Sam Willis, Caitriona Casey, Julika Gittner, Georgie Day, Emily Carmichael, Senaka Weeraman, Toby O’Connor, Roma Gadomska Miles, Julie Plichon, Viola Petrella, Daniel Sturrock, Gill Slater, Charles Verni, Alex Engle, Jan Moore, Madonna George, Sophie Bakkali, Nick Barber, Tim Wilson.


Photographers and filmmakers who have documented ASH’s work include: Alessia Gamarotta, Nikita Woolfe, Joseph Asghar, Lola, Sam Mellish, Mark Hutchinson.


Building industry professionals who have given their time and expertise to ASH’s projects include: Peter Miles and Robert Martell at Robert Martell and Partners; Tom Robertshaw at Glass Structures; Isabel Why and Harry Westaway at Model Environments; Adriana Massidda and Can Ozerdem at Down to Earth and De Montfort University; Nicholas Fonty at Just Maps.


Web design and support from Daniel Sturrock.






2020-21   Design and feasibility study for the St. Raphael’s estate, London

2019         Design and feasibility study for the Brixton Housing Co-operative, London

2018         Design and feasibility proposal for the Brixton Gardens co-operative housing development, London

2017-19    Design and feasibility study for The Drive co-operative co-housing development, London

2017-19    Strategic plan for the Patmore estate, London (ongoing)

2017         Design proposals for the Northwold estate, London

2015-17   Design and feasibility study for the Central Hill estate, London

2015-16   Design and feasibility study for the West Kensington and Gibbs Green estates, London

2015        Design proposals for Knight’s Walk, Cotton Gardens estate, London

2015        Design proposals for the Cressingham Gardens estate, London




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2017        Hosted on the Excalibur, Central Hill and Achilles Street estates, London

2016        Hosted on the Silchester and Lancaster West, Warwick Road, Somers Town, Granville, Ravensbury Grove,

Alton East and West, Macintosh Court, Cressingham Gardens, Edmundsbury Court, Central Hill and

Old Tidesmill and Crossfields estates, London

2015        Hosted on Knight’s Walk, the Central Hill and Cressingham Gardens estates, London




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2015.10   Social housing activists protest at Stirling Prize ceremony. Architects’ Journal

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2015.06   London housing estate residents to invite public to explore gardens to expel negative impressions. Independent

2015.06   Housing campaigners protest outside AJ120. Architects’ Journal

2015.05    The Rise of the Housing Activist. Inside Housing




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